Thursday, 30 March 2017

bush writting

Once upon in a dark deep cave. I walked out of the cave and there was a big waterfall, there i found my friends Mya, Maia, Karamea, Kaydence, Lauryn, Millie, Amy, Emma, Alyssa and Charli. We had a big problem because we got chased from the birds who were sitting in the tree. The birds were chasing us because they wanted our food. We hid in our tent until the birds flew away. The next day we woke up because we heard a big bang! We jumped out of the tent and we could see black smoke coming out of the tree. Finally we got saved by a boat we went past a river me and my Friends jumped off the boat and we followed the river and found a box ...the box was full of treasure and it was very had jewellery and coins in it ...we finished the river and there were big rocks we climbed amongst the rocks and at the end that`s when we found that treasure box the end...


  1. Good work Ella that story is so interesting I love that part when you said The next day we woke up because we heard a BIG BANG!!!
    Great work.
    Amie [:

  2. i like your describing words to this interesting story.