Friday, 31 March 2017

Pokemon 1b

Pokemon CardsPokemon, Sandslash, Pokemon Go ...

Make sure you show your working out and BE RESOURCEFUL
(use materials to help).

Each pack has 10 cards in it.

  1. If Kahu has 6 packs of 10 and then loses 4 packs, how many cards will he have left?

6 10 in each packets and cards are =20 and packets there are 2

  1. If Holly has 3 packs of ten, finds 4 packs of 10 and ten loses 6 packs of ten, how many cards will she have left?

3+4=7 split in half and you have got 7 and holly will have one packet

  1. If Alyssa has 63 cards, and is given 2 packs of ten, how many cards will she have?

63 and mr 3 has been naughty so got to timeout and on 20 so 80 and mr 3 has been
Good so he can come out of timeout and that will be=83

  1. If Davis has 44 cards, and finds 5 packs of 10, how many will he have left?

44 bring the 4 out of 44 and add 5 so that will be 90 and bring the 4 back and it =94

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  1. great maths ella I liked how you used pokemon cards to help