Wednesday, 31 May 2017

HBHS Perform Hastings boys high

Dear Hastings Boys High School

When I saw you boys performing I thought to myself that is the best
Pacifica and Kapa Haka performance that I have ever seen.

The singing was loud and bold.
And the drums were loud too. All the children would of loved it..

From Ella Kireka

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

cave dwellers

Cave Dwellers

Chapter Name
Key Words
Inside a cave
All caves are dark and damp
At the front of the cave
During the day families of hyraxes search for food
In the twilight zone
The caves of venezuela
In south america are where
Guacharo bids live
into the darkness
Fungus,insects, shines,dark
Cave crickets have grown
So used to life in the dark
That they cannot survive outside the cave
Other cave users
Sometimes the female bears give birth to their cubs in the

Monday, 15 May 2017


Mount Bruce Writing

the second day of camp we went to mount bruce my group was the first to see the kiwis. We saw a fluffy white kiwi and a brown fluffy kiwi.We also saw a takahe.there were wild kaka Birds and heaps of cicadas.there were eels that had sharp sharp adult kissed an eel. Mr blakey fed the eels and another adult fed them blakey was armwrestling an eel.we did not see a tui bird.we also saw a was just standing still and did not blink.The kaka birds were all flapping around when the lady came to fed them.kaka birds eat dairy like milk and all kinds of other things.last we went in the sanctuary were some bell birds.we also sore ducklings . On And we also sore fantails.

about Me and My Buddy

Friday, 12 May 2017

Tui Bird

Persuade streams Writing

Our streams are being polluted so we want To save all the animals that live in the water And also people from getting live in the rivers and the fish die and people can get we need to put freshwater in our streams.and please don't throw rubbish in Our streams that way our stream is clean… Yours faithfully ELLA KIREKA… DATE:30th MARCH 2017 bY ELLA KIREKA...


Today i really enjoyed The extra Maths Because it was getting harder.I got two green card’s.Today my choice for writing was good.I enjoyed the fitness in the morning because i did five laps and i got five sticks too.I also enjoyed the area maths because we were figuring out the area of the different fields...BY ELLA KIREKA